Who we are

This initiative came about thanks to a group that came together by coincidence. Far from being on one single ideological line, we do share the conviction that in 2021, when the World Social Forum will celebrate its 20th anniversary, the critical realities of the world and of social movements have to be looked at collectively.

Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Portugal), Roberto Savio (Italy), Oscar Gonzalez (Mexico), Leo Gabriel (Austria), Norma Fernandez (Argentina) and Francine Mestrum (Belgium) decided to sit together and draft an invitation for a serious debate on the future of the World Social Forum. They are all members of the International Council of the WSF.

They were soon supported by some ‘historical’ members of the IC and some weeks later by a broad group of people, men and women, from all continents.

We took this initiative, but this initiative is now open to all who share our concerns and are ready to look at the past, the present and the future of the World Social Forum with the objective of building a global political subject. The only condition is to believe another world is possible and it can come about if we organize politically in a democratic way, respecting our diversity.

Contact us at: info@foranewwsf.org

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