NWSF signed this call for solidarity with Palestine. We invite all to sign as well.




The undersigned organizations, members of the International Council of the World Social Forum, of its thematic forums and of the WSF 2021-22 process towards Mexico, call upon all the forces of civil society, parties and governments committed to the defense of human rights, the sovereignty of peoples and democracy to raise their voices to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of justice and international law. We express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and demand an end to the siege and violence cruelly and unequally promoted by the Israeli military forces against the original people of Palestine.

An occupied people defending itself cannot be labeled as terrorists, extremists or treated as an equivalent threat to the forces of an occupying state.

Palestinians are rising up against the eviction of their homes, the appropriation of their religious temples, the occupation of Oriental Jerusalem, the destruction of their crops, the annexation of their land, the arrests of their youth without charge and the ethnic cleansing of their people.

Israel’s technological, financial, military and warlike power is absolutely disproportionate and it is evidenced by the successive massacres to which the Palestinian people are subjected.

We defend peace and for this it is necessary to guarantee the legitimate Palestinian right to the recognition of its State and its capital, Jerusalem.  We defend the Palestinian resistance that has been unwavering for 74 years, because an occupied people does not give up the struggle for its land.

On May 15, the Palestinian people will remember the Nakba, the catastrophe of the expulsion of almost a million people forcibly uprooted from their homes and turned forever into refugees. Israel will celebrate the date of its founding on the 15th.

The confrontation between the occupation and the occupied will progress to an all-out war, as the UN already warns, if nothing is done to stop it.

We demand the international community to intervene to end the conflict.  We ask it to enforce international law and end the occupation of Palestine, with appropriate sanctions, determine the suspension of the siege of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the immediate protection of the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and Oriental Jerusalem, and that crimes committed on Palestinian land be tried by the International Criminal Court and those responsible be punished.

To the people in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and to all its social and  political forces, we ask especially that they make their voices heard against the state of apartheid denounced by the main human rights organizations, and for the right to peace with justice for all peoples.

Free Palestine!

We sign:

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